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We are a creative team

The company was established by Hungarian entrepreneurs in 2010. The owners have several decades of expertise gained in advertising, PR and marketing communication agencies, IT service providers, they have an extensive knowledge in product and service development management. We can support and implement various marketing activities of medium and large companies with our RFID technology based tools which are our own development.


Implementation of RFID technology based integrated BTL, social and online campaigns - from idea generation and campaign planning to implementation and campaign follow-up activities.

Integrated campaigns

Implementation of RFID technology based integrated BTL, social and online campaigns.

Customer loyalty enhancement

Full-scale implementation and monitoring of prize games from the prizes till the notification of the administrative body.

Real-time results

CRM database building by connecting the real world with the electronic world

Precise reporting

Precise measurement of promotions, HoReCa activities and events (visitors, activities, etc.)

Relaization of unique, extreme communication

Only creativity can set boundaries.

We love the numbers

  • 5418 Facebook check-ins
  • 2.3 million Facebook page impressions
  • 278 thousand viewed Facebook post
  • 3299 post generation


The most innovative online tools in the world that we could create for you! If you are a real marketing professional you can use these tools wisely to maximize the efficiency of your online or offline marketing campaigns.


Fix terminal

RFID totem

Coupon terminal

Mobile terminal

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real-time support of promotions, social marketing, customer database increase

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